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Both DC Comic fans and Marvel aficionados will find something to love in thrill-packed casino slot games featuring all your favorite superheroes, heroines and villains. Scale the tallest buildings and swing through the city collecting coins and maybe even saving the planet a time or two as you play games fit for any comic book hero and devilishly fun enough for any villain. Comic book characters have been beloved and celebrated by audiences for generations and with these games you will see all the awesome sights you are used to from the movies and books including gorgeous heroines, caped crusaders, high tech weapons and gadgets, and characters like the X-men team, Batman, Superman and Catwoman. Many games feature 3-d animation that is as good as any high budget animated movie to bring your experience to life including detailed backstories that will make you want to see what comes next and get more out of your play than you would with many other types of slot. You don’t even have to wait to get bitten by a radioactive spider or trapped in a mad scientist’s lab in order to play like a superhero, you can start right now with no download, no deposit and no sign up required!