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Some numbers are just a little more special than others and that is especially true with number 7 and now you can see just how lucky it is for you when you play the best online 7 slot games. There are multiple instances of the number 7 appearing in folklore and religion including a very special Irish Hero known as Cúchulainn who was said to have seven fingers, seven toes and seven pupils in each eye and was given his first epic weapon at the age of 7. Galician mythology states that a seventh son of a seventh son will be a vampire along with other folklores saying such a child could be a werewolf or have clairvoyant powers. Even if you don’t believe in the power or mythology of the number 7 there is no denying that slot games featuring this number are fast fun and potentially lucrative! These instant play games featuring sizzling sevens burning and blazing their way to mega jackpots for you. The graphics range from flat animations and simple 3 reel constructions up to much more elaborate systems with more reels and more chances to win. All have realistic sound that will make you feel like you are right in a real casino. With no download, no registration and no deposit required all players can get started now for a most lucky way to play online!