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Whether you love ‘em, hate ‘em or kind of just tolerate them as a necessary part of life, bugs are kind of everywhere and that’s finally a good thing with these exciting casino slot games featuring hard working ants, vibrant butterflies, honeybees, caterpillars and tons of other many-legged beasts and creatures. There are lots of places to find cool bugs and lots of themes to play like rainforest games featuring exotic butterflies, jungle like backgrounds, brilliantly colored flowers and rhythmic native music. Maybe you prefer tending your own garden with a sunny backyard themed slot with ladybugs, rain puddles, rainbows and a bright background complete with picket fence perfect to play when you’re stuck inside on a cold winter day and need a burst of spring to get you through. Get crazy with any number of other games panning the glove from the ancient Aztec jungles to modern day Rainforest themes. All our games include unique symbols and graphics that range from high definition 3-d to classic 2-d that are perfect for novice gamers and seasoned pros who like a challenge. Play without limits in these engaging games that require no downloads, no sign up and no deposit for hours of fun!