Take Flight with a Whimsical Online Butterfly Slot

Enjoy Fun Butterfly Slot for Free

Butterflies are just about the closest we have to actual fairies with their brilliantly colored wings, graceful flight and magical transformation from caterpillar into the winged creatures we know and love. Enter their ethereal world when you play fun butterfly and garden themed casino slot paly featuring everything from garden variety monarch butterflies and delicate daisies to giant blooming exotic flowers and vibrant, tropical butterflies like the Golden Birdwing or Emerald Swallowtail. Other garden or jungle friends might also join the butterflies including hopping frogs, rare mushrooms, beautiful birds, caterpillars and lots of wild flowers to attract the winged lightweights. Take flight with them in a wild, no limit play game that required no download, no registration and no money or deposit to get started! Depending on the game you play there could be progressive jackpots or chances for free rounds that let you get the most out of you spins and really build up your coins. Some butterfly slot feature high resolution, high definition graphics while others offer more traditional animation that is perfect for players looking for a more classic experience along with original sounds and music that can be reminiscent of a real casino or come in delicate notes that would fit in with any fairy home.