The Nile Queen Beckons you to the Cleopatra Slot

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Dubbed the “Queen of Kings” Cleopatra is arguably one of the most famous rulers of ancient Egypt, she was the last active pharaoh and is remembered as a great and powerful beauty who died a mysterious death. Her image and story has graced the small and large screen and now it comes to you in captivating, highly detailed casino slot games celebrating the riches her palace once held. Travel back in time with this famous queen and see the massive piles of gold coins, lucky eye of Horus symbols, ornate jewelry, and towering pyramids, key of life symbols or ankhs and deadly snakes that may have even been the cause of Cleopatra’s death. Some games relate more to the ancient artifacts like pottery, hieroglyphic writing and symbols while others give you a Vegas experience worthy of being played at the pyramid shaped, Luxor hotel and casino complete with realistic casino sounds and big payoffs. No download or sign up is required to enter her legendary realm or to begin your journey to thrilling slot games featuring ancient Egyptian culture. Discover Cleopatra’s tomb and you just might hit a jackpot worthy of the queen herself! Get this professional style gaming experience now with no deposit required!