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They may be creepy, they may be crawly but they are definitely make some of the most fun slot casino games around! Insects aren’t most people’s favorite things to find in the house, but visit them online and give the reels a spin in exciting insect themed slots. There are tons of motifs to choose from and you can travel across the globe chasing exotic insects of all shapes and sizes including Egyptian themed games featuring the mysterious scarab beetle who can lead you to ancient treasures of gold in a pharaoh’s tomb including royal jewelry, archaic coins and mystical scrolls. Players looking for a more laid back and for fun experience can try games with more cute and cuddly bugs like the happy caterpillar, cricket or misunderstood mosquito. Spin the reels and watch exotic, tropical bugs in a rainbow of colors spin around when you choose jungle themed virtual machines and listen to the wild animals making up the realistic soundtrack to your game. Many of these online casino games come with bonuses and other special features to make them even more exciting! Play insect slot machines for fun free online now with no download, no deposit, and no sign up! Online insect casino slot play for fun and fortune can be yours now in just a few clicks.