Go Bananas with an Online Monkey Themed Slot

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If you love monkeys or if you just like online casino games that are fast, fun and easy to learn and easy to win big with then a monkey themed slot is for you. These fun games feature funky monkeys doing their thing with peppy and engaging jungle music playing as you spin the reels of a free play Monkey slot. Hit autoplay to watch the wheels spins one after another as you rack up points and coins while matching pictures of bananas, jungle leafs, funky monkeys, snakes, butterflies, pineapples and all the things you would find in the jungles that furry baboons, gorillas, orangutans and apes call home. Explore the untamed habitat of these incredible creatures and all their fellow wild things as you are entertained for hours with their antics and realistic casino style game play with all the bells and whistles you would hear with a real one armed bandit. Avoid getting hit on the head with the anvil symbol. Match three of these and that mad monkey king might just end your game all for his fun! Not to worry though, with zero cost online play you can start a new game with no deposit, no tricky download, no sign up and no real cash needed to get started.