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If you are intrigued by the hidden world of ancient Japanese fighters, ninja and samurais you will love online slot machine games based on their stealthy feats of cunning and battle. Enter the mystical world of the samurai, the fighting class of warriors who worked undercover in feudal era Japan with stealth, silent attack and ultimate fighting skills. Spin the reels of a free ninja slot featuring the weaponry, clothing and ancient relics associated with these incredible fighters. Look for golden dragons, nun chucks, deadly swords, bow and arrow, throwing stars and traditional dress pieces of both the samurai and ninja class of warriors including secretive masks, elaborate cloaks and headdresses. Traditional Japanese music created by gongs, zithers, bells, flutes and great drums will carry you away to a different time and a different world as you seek your fortune just as the ninjas did hundreds of years ago. Play these gambling games for fun as you learn about the types of objects these historically relevant fighters used in their craft. The spirit of the samurai is with you and will let you play with absolutely no registration, no deposit, no downloads or real money required to get started for fun games anywhere, anytime!