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Ahoy, mateys! It’s time to set sail on the high seas in order to find your fortune in foreign lands with Pirate slot. Channel the ghosts of famous and infamous robbers of the sea like Bluebeard, Blackbeard and Barbarbossa. Stunning graphics featuring 3-d pirate ships, eerie caves, shipwrecked crew members and mounds and mounds of glittering treasure bring your ocean adventure alive. Intense music and realistic casino sounds complete your experience letting you immerse yourself in both the world of pirates as well as in the fun and excitement of a real casino.

Beware of the ghost pirates who guard their riches and treasure maps with a fierceness rarely seen by land lovers. Bypass these specters by spinning the reels and grabbing their loot before they have a chance to scare you and your crew away. There’s no need to worry or fear these spirits because with unlimited play and no real money required, they are easy and even fun to defeat. You won’t even have to download or register your Pirate slot game so you can get started on winning right away! Spin the reels now and become the ultimate pirate captain winging your way through adventure after adventure as you fill your treasure chests to the brim.