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Explore the exciting and riches filled lives of royalty when you embark on a journey to win treasures galore with Queen themed slot and gambling games. These are the best casino games to play if you have an interest in royal history or just want to feel like royalty, raking in infinite amounts of gold coins, dazzling jewelry, silver medallions, diamonds and lots of cold hard cash. Travel back to ancient times and play with the Mayan rulers, spinning to match obscure language characters or take your gambling play underwater and embark on a diving trip through the lost city of Atlantis where mermaids, sparkling seashells and buried treasure await you. Travel further to the grand Egyptian dynasties and live as the Queen of the Nile, adorned in all manner of sapphires, rubies, gold and silver from head to toe. For more contemporary game play try the slot fun with the Queen of Hearts or the Gypsy Queen with her caravan of flowing silks and scarves and tinkling gold discs at her waist. Travel the mystical length of the Amazon and encounter the fairy of good fortune that will help on your journey to royal riches and treasures. Players can start hassle free now with no registration, no real money down and no frustrating downloads.