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Speed up slot game offer all the excitement of other casino machines but even faster! Choose your speed, there are typically three to five different speeds to pick from, meaning you can enjoy a more relaxed pace or go at warp speeds to get the most play in the least amount of time. Players can enjoy the benefits of top speed and see their bank accounts grow as the reels spin by at rapid intervals. These fun and super-fast slot games are based on free spins which add up in multiple rounds with progressively larger prizes. You win the most by combining quick hits with many entries into the bonus game. And those winnings get huge with up to 30 pay lines and several different games to land in! Choose from multiple themes with everything from classic fruits to an exotic Arabian night motif which features golden treasures, deadly swords and desert oases along with alluring music and accelerated play. Absolutely no downloads, no registration and zero deposit is required to get started to spin for fun or for profit. Get all the thrills of a big casino right in your very home with an online speed adventure.