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When video gambling machines were originally introduced to the American public and worldwide they didn’t have a lot of the features we’re used to today. Mainly, the machines didn’t have the ability to multiply winnings so if you bet three coins, that’s exactly how much you could win on single spin of the reels. The only time it was more was when the payout listed said it would be. These old games had a schedule of payouts where on a certain day you would get a certain amount per coin bet. This amount also couldn’t be multiplied. Another feature of this type of game is that there is only one line of reels unlike many modern machines which feature 3 or 5. This makes for a easier to understand game play experience for anyone who isn’t a seasoned gambling games player. These traditional games had all the symbols associated with classic slot games like stripes, gold bars, lemons, cherries etc. You can now try your hand at this type of game for fun with no deposit or downloads through the wonders of online video machines. Online Straight slot are the best way to try your hand at this traditional gambling game.