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War slot offer something for both traditional fighters and casino players as well as for those who like something a little more out there. War space games bring you to battle victory with stunning space themed graphics and sounds. Spin the wheel on this five line gambling game to match aliens, space rocks and wild symbols for an out of this world experience. Immerse yourself in the sounds of war with gunshots, tanks and soldiers for the most traditional of military gaming experiences. Sink a battleship with a navy war themed slot game or build an empire and be a Sparta commander in an ancient Rome themed game. World War casino style games are fun for history buffs who want to play and learn and gamers alike with rich graphics and songs appropriate for the time period. Enter the war zone and stay for fun with no registration, no installation, unlimited video casino play, all while taking part in history, a space adventure or military coup from the comfort of your own computer. All users can start today with no annoying downloads or registration fees! All the fun and excitement of traditional casinos with more game options, zero money down and no waiting in lines or crowded casinos!